Advertising Internships

A career in advertising seems unattainable with many people having misconceptions about what the work is really about. With the 10 year job growth projection at over 6% for those working in advertising and the myriad services needed in this industry, professionals with a variety of skill sets are and will continue to find employment in advertising. So what will help you land the perfect job? For many starting out with great advertising internships is the key.

What Sort of Talent Theyíre Looking For

The process of telling as many people at once whatís for sale and why they should buy it is by no means a simple one. Not only do different types of people need and want different things, but they want those things to feature attributes specific to their personal tastes and preferences. Imagine selling a set of golf clubs to single mothers of children under five and you get the idea. From researching the market to writing, designing, and delivering ad campaigns to attract attention from the people most interested in whatís being offered, advertising requires a host ofskillsto succeed. Market analysis professionals, copywriters, visual design specialists, media purchasers, and tech wizards make up some of the players in this field.

What Youíll Be Doing at Work

One of the most important features of advertising, which youíll undoubtedly learn during advertising internships, is team work. Many people confuse a career in advertising with Public Relations, which is a little different. You may go out to work on assignment with media professionals as a PR person, but hash over details of a new social media campaign with your design team as an advertising professional. Another misconception people have about advertising professionals is that work is always wildly fun. Anyone who loves their job in advertising would call it exciting, but itís anything but easy. Most ad people work long hours, with many of those hours involved in gritty production or countless meetings to hammer out a final, seamless product.

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How to Make Advertising Internships Count

Some students get involved in the internship process simply as part of the course of study at their collegeís department. Itís seen as a chance to get away from the grind of the classroom and avoid a few essay or project assignments. This is anything but the case. Besides the internship being possibly the easiest foot in the door of your very first real job, you will gain a stellar chance to learn first-hand about the industry of your choice and gain valuable networking contacts. Always remember to be professional, punctual, energetic, socially forward, and as hard working as you know how to be while on assignment. Ask questions and ask to help. Youíll find yourself a valued member of a team and gain more than just money or college credit.

With so much going on in the world of advertising, and so much expected of the professionals that work in the field, an advertising internship is a crucial step in gaining a solid career in the industry. Knowing what to expect as well as being 100% willing to work to your fullest potential are part and parcel of the trade. Land the perfect internship and be that much closer to landing the perfect job.

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